Bitch Boys IN HEAT CD

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BitchBoys ...in Heat  

The BITCH BOYS made quite an impression with their demo CD in PIPELINE 55 and now here's their first album proper. They set the tone right from outset, a few bars of chick surf vocal kitsch are swamped in a sea of crashing, splashing guitar reverb and we're off into dynamic STALKING MERMAID.

With a two guitars , bass and drums line-up the BITCH BOYS deliver an authentic surf sound with an abundance of energy and a high level of skill. There are big differences between them and many of the so-calledsurf bands operating now. First off they the sound, second they are a four-piece (how many '60s three-piece surf bands can you name?), but most of all they appreciate the need for a decent tune and an inventive arrangment.

Quite honestly I relly don't know how to convey how simply stunning this whole set is. I'm not sure that anything I say can really do it justice. It doesn't let up as great track follows great track, there's no way I can pick out highlights as they're all so good. ROBI BILODERIC and DAMIR IGLICAR weve mesmerising reverb guitar patterns over mighty drumming from MARKO VALANT and the sympathetic, rounded bass of TOMAZ URGL.

Exciting, drivingguitar blastfollows exciting, driving guitar blast. It doesn't get borring either, as the band's arrangments and great use ofdynamics ensure that your attention remains well and truly grabbed throughout. After track 5 and a tasty version of RICHIE(PODOLOR) ALLEN'S THE QUIET SURF which the B boys label as SALE'S MELIORATION, it's not until track 16 that we get another ballad. A moving emotive piece MY BUNNY is too, with clean echo lead picking the melody over rhythm chords and a distant reverb squelch, big toms providing emphasis on the chorus.

There is a second borrowed theme in GARGAMEL S.T. which is actually THE HO-DADS' SPACE RACE and there are two credited covers. PAINT IT BLACK IS a fiery treat with FRANCIS LAI'S LOVE STORY THEME slotted in for contrast. Then T E L S T A R gets rocked up beautifully. For my money there's never been a cover worth listening to, until now that is. Remember NUTROCKER? This is TELROCKER. Let the CD run on after it and you'll find a rather humorous "studio session". JE T'AIME has nothing on this. (Let's hope it's only the laughter that's infectious fellas.) If they hope to secure a major label release this little boner/bonus will have to be wiped!

I have no hesitation in naming this the best ever album from a modern surf band